Masin undertakes the forensic delay analysis and determining ‘excusable’, ‘non-excusable’, ‘compensable’ ‘non-compensable’ including identifying any ‘mitigation’ and ‘acceleration measures’ implemented in support of claims for ongoing, completed and disputed engineering and construction projects.

    Masin’s experts are experienced in identifying a suitable method for assessment of delays from a variety of delay analysis methods. Masin experts are well versed in selecting the most appropriate prospective and/or retrospective methods when analysing delays according to the circumstances.

    Masin’s experts apply sound planning and scheduling principle in quantifying all critical and near critical path activities delays including identifying the origins and causes of each delay, as well as cause to effect and/or effect to cause relationships.

    Masin’s specialists are experienced in applying the responsibility for delays including apportionment/ allocation of delays according to each party’s actions or inactions.

    Masin’s experts are adept in identifying the concurrent delays and conducting concurrency analysis.

    Masin undertakes wide range of disruption and productivity loss analysis by applying suitable methodologies including ‘cost cased’ and ‘productivity based’ viz. measured mile, earned value, and the like, comparison studies and modelling